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We are an inclusive community that is called to participate in God's mission to proclaim the Good News, teach and nurture, respond to human need, pursue peace and safeguard our earth.

Our Five Marks of Mission:

2. Teach, Baptize, and Nurture new believers: We invite and welcome all of you to join us for worship and fellowship.

3. Respond to Human Need with Loving Service: We find the time to do God's work, helping those in need.

4. Challenge violence, pursue peace, and transform unjust structures of society -  We seek peace, reconciliation, and fairness

5. Safeguard the Earth, our fragile home - We are people of faith and of goodwill, who care for the earth and all of its inhabitants

1. Proclaim the good news of the Kingdom - We look for ways to help people grow in their personal faith and individual ministries. 

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